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As the PSASS ramps up efforts to help you attract and retain more business, we are launching a new multimedia Member Directory. The directory is designed to provide our members with maximum visibility, allowing you to promote your business on self-updating CDs, online and mobile applications.

Like our printed directories of the past, the multi-media version will include free listings for each member organization. Your company also can choose to upgrade to an enhanced listing, half page or full page ad — complete with live website and social media links that directly connect prospective customers to you to achieve the greatest exposure. Contact with members and sponsors will be easy, fast and up to date.

The Member Directories will be distributed widely via the PSASS network of professionals. This includes our members, key decision makers, business and community leaders who attend PSASS meetings, and many others who turn to SMART and the Safety Summit for information about doing business in our industry.

We need everyone’s up to date information to continue to make this the best safety related networking resource on your desk. 

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The annual Puget Sound Area Safety Summit directory includes contact information for over 1,000 regional safety associates, vendors and professional safety partners. Sponsors receive this valuable directory annually.  Sponsor the Safety Summit and place an ad in the next directory.

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"The Safety Summit is a wonderful example of what can be achieved when employers, labor, and government work cooperatively to attain a common goal - in this case, the reduction of deaths and serious job-related injuries."

Richard Terrill
OSHA Region X