Nurturing a Safety Culture, Presented by Greg Baker, JMJ Associates

Date: January 14, 2009

JMJ Associates is a global consulting firm specializing in enterprise transformation. With JMJ's support, companies learn to cultivate a workplace culture consistent with shared goals thus resulting in extraordinary performance.

Companies typically work hard to establish a direction statement, but often struggle to powerfully enroll and align employees with it, which can result in significant gaps in behavior. JMJ leads individuals and teams through the process of cultural transformation, alignment and renewal, whether in service of eliminating all injuries in the workplace, transforming performance on large capital projects or creating high-performance teams in operating environments.

Many regular safety summit attendees remember past presentations by JMJ Associates that helped shape their careers in safety. Attend January's presentation for a rare opportunity to learn about creating and maintaining your company's safety culture.

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"The Safety Summit is a wonderful example of what can be achieved when employers, labor, and government work cooperatively to attain a common goal - in this case, the reduction of deaths and serious job-related injuries."

Richard Terrill
OSHA Region X