Affirmative Action Planning by Vigilant


If your company does construction work on federal or federally funded construction projects, then you may have to comply with federal affirmative action rules. Your specific obligations depend on the amount and source of your federal dollars, as well as the number of your employees. Affirmative action requires extensive recordkeeping, analysis, and outreach. SMART’s preferred provider, Vigilant, can help you meet your affirmative action responsibilities.

How Vigilant can help you meet your affirmative action requirements:

  • You’ll receive a customized narrative and reports which outline the elements of your affirmative action obligations for your construction tradespeople under Executive Order 11246 (regarding race/ethnicity and gender). This invaluable tool reminds you to take specific actions during the year and helps you to document your compliance with the regulations.
  • You’ll receive written affirmative action plan language for protected veterans and people with disabilities for each of your facilities. This language is customized with your current plan date, company name, HR contact, and relevant employment data covering your entire workforce.
  • Should the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) audit your affirmative action compliance, Vigilant is available to assist, for an additional fee. You’ll have hands-on assistance from Vigilant affirmative action professionals, including a Vigilant Law Group employment attorney.
  • You’ll be given model equal employment opportunity (EEO) language for employment policies, self-ID invitations, outreach letters, subcontracts, purchase orders, and job ads. Our affirmative action staff help you tailor all forms and policies to your business.
  • Stay current with issues affecting employment laws and affirmative action compliance through Vigilant’s email newsletter. Timely articles and practical advice will help you apply regulations to your business.

Hands-on assistance

Your Vigilant affirmative action representative is available by phone and email to answer your questions throughout the year, covered by your flat annual affirmative action fee. If you are selected for an affirmative action audit by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), Vigilant’s assistance with the audit is billed separately.

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Contact Brian Ducey 206-812-3819 or [email protected] for more information.