Affirmative Action Planning by Vigilant

Federal construction contractors have affirmative action obligations.

Employers who perform construction work on federal projects must meet specific affirmative action obligations if their federal contracts or subcontracts are worth $10,000 or more. These obligations include outreach, recordkeeping, and analysis related to employment of women, minorities, protected veterans, and people with disabilities. Federally assisted construction contractors, i.e., where the government provides a grant or loan, are also subject to some affirmative action rules related to the employment of women and minorities. SMART’s preferred provider, Vigilant, can help you meet your affirmative action responsibilities.

Affirmative action tools you receive through Vigilant
By subscribing to Vigilant’s affirmative action service for a flat annual fee, you receive:

  • A three-ring binder, customized with your current plan date, company name, HR contact and other information, that outlines the 16 elements of your affirmative action obligations under Executive Order 11246 (which focuses on women and minorities). You can then insert your specific documentation behind the appropriate tab in the binder during the year. This invaluable tool reminds you to take specific actions during the year and helps you to document your compliance with the regulations.
  • Written affirmative action programs for protected veterans and people with disabilities, customized with your current plan date, company name, HR contact, and employment data.
  • Spreadsheets to track the required employment data, which includes gender, race/ethnicity, veteran status, and disability status for current employees as well as for individuals during the past 12 months who applied for jobs or were hired, promoted, transferred, or terminated.
  • Model documents:
    • Forms to invite applicants and employees to self-identify gender, race/ethnicity, veteran status and disability status. -Equal employment opportunity (EEO) policy for federal contractors.
    • Notice to your vendors, subcontractors, unions and/or recruiting agencies of your EEO policy.
    • Required language for your purchase orders and subcontracts.
    • Policy against harassment, including a Spanish translation.
    • Email newsletter on employment law developments, including affirmative action.
    • Vigilant’s Legal Guide, “Affirmative Action Requirements for Construction Contractors,” containing detailed guidance and citations.
    • Construction Contractor Technical Assistance Guide by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs.

Hands-on assistance
The first two hours of phone consultation with Vigilant are included in your annual subscription. Additional assistance, such as phone or in-person consultation, or advice during an affirmative action audit, is charged at an hourly rate (portal to portal) plus expenses.

Contact SMART today
To learn more about this service or to subscribe, call Brian Ducey, Executive Director, at 206-812-3819 or e-mail at [email protected] 

Contact Brian Ducey 206-812-3819 or [email protected] for more information.