SMART Dream Team

The SMART Dream Team is a select group of participants that are industry leaders in safety. Participants are dedicated to lowering their experience factors and the premium paid to the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. Costs are lowered through proactive claims management, safe job sites, and commitment to a company-wide safety culture.

Dream Team participants are committed to keeping injured workers on salary for no less than 30 days. They keep costs low by preventing accidents and returning injured workers to light duty. To qualify for the program each prospective participant must complete a Dream Team Pre-qualification form and submit a letter of intent. New members are voted in by a 60 percent consensus of existing participants.

The SMART Dream Team has averaged between 35 and 50 percent group refunds since its inception in 1995. The refund is distributed 75 percent based on performance (premium vs. losses) and 25 percent premium. Even if a participant's losses exceed their premium, they can still get some refund monies depending on the amount of premium paid into the group's premium pool.

While the SMART Dream Team enjoys high refunds, it is their goal to lower each participant's experience factor and prevent accidents so that all workers can return home safely to their families every day.

SMART Dream Team is proud to announce that Approach Management Services (AMS) is the third-party administrator for this program. AMS' history with group refunds is an exceptional one.

SMART Dream Team Application

For retro information, please contact Liz Evans (360) 927-1946 or simply complete the SMART Retro Release Form and fax to 206-299-4090.

View the list of current SMART Dream Team Members.


Contact Brian Ducey 206-812-3819 or [email protected] for more information.