Crane Rigging/Signal Person Train the Trainer Webinar

Instructor: Overton Safety

Do you know the critical components of a safe crane lift? Are your signal person's certified? Would you like to be able to qualify your own employees?

This is a 5-hour webinar class conducted by Overton Safety for both train the trainer certifications.

This Train the Trainer certification allows the attendee to qualify their own employees in the following:

Correct Rigging and Signaling is essential to make the lift safe. Understanding how to calculate load weights, sling angles, and knowing about wire rope are all critical for the Rigger. If you do not know the proper Rigging techniques, your load could be improperly attached and the Rigging could fail.  
Learn the rejection criteria for wire rope and synthetic slings, how to rig an unstable load, and how to select the proper type of wire rope. 

This class is not currently scheduled.

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