Fall Protection

Instructor: SMART Instructor

The number one, most frequently cited serious violation in construction, is written for lack of of proper Fall Protection!

Are your employees exposed to fall hazards?
If so, this class is for you! This course covers Washington State requirements for all employees exposed to fall hazards.
The following elements are covered:

  • Fall Restraint/Fall Arrest Systems
  • Written Activity Specific Fall Protection Plan
  • Guardrail Requirements
  • Floor/Wall Opening
  • Leading Edge Activity Requirements
  • Inspection Requirements
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Safety Monitor System

Slips, trips and falls are the leading cause of death and/or serious injury in the construction industry. This course is designed to bring your company into compliance with the fall protection standards set by Washington State but, more importantly, it will raise the level of safety awareness in regards to fall hazards and will provide the tools necessary to reduce and/or eliminate slips, trips, and falls from occurring in the workplace.

This class is not currently scheduled.

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