Supervisor Skills -301
Instructor: Diana Welch SPHR

In this 3rd session of the 3 part series we will cover more complex issues relating to hiring, firing, harassment, discrimination, and violence in the workplace. Employment law will also be covered, as well as related issues FMLA, ADA and EEO. Confidentiality and documentation protocol will be a focus in this session.

•Plan, organize and control outcomes

•Keys to Coaching & Motivating and Building your successful workforce from performance goals to safety

•Manage complaints, find root causes and resolve problems

•Recognizing and Preventing harassment, discrimination, bullying, intimidation, violence, know your role and responsibilities

•Learn about employment laws related to hiring, firing, promotion, Family and Medical Leave, American with Disabilities Act, Equal Employment Opportunity

•Be familiar with lay-offs, dismissals for cause, resignations, retirement, and your part

•Drug and Alcohol abuse in the workplace

•Injury Prevention and Accident Response

•Investigations, complaints, confidentiality, dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s.

•Support Employees to accept change and thrive. Understand why change happens, typical reactions, and employee struggles

•Communicating with Management and getting Results

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