Supervisor Skills -101
Instructor: Diana Welch, SPHR

In this 3 part series we will cover the many aspects of tasks, responsibilities and interpersonal skills fundamental for successful, productive and respected supervisors.

• Improve Work Habits by dealing effectively with some the tough issues...tardiness, mistakes, avoiding work tasks, gossip, while maintaining the self-esteem and gaining the commitment of the team member

• As Supervisor learn to Coach, Develop and Mentor Employees beyond just talking

• Direct and Execute Expectations to get the Results you need

• Delegate, when, to whom, why and how for the process to be effective

• Communicate to establish an atmosphere of openness, trust, respect and accountability

• Learn to use your natural strengths to your advantage

• Get to the root of employee problem behaviors and eliminate them

• Turn problems with difficult employees into positive results

• Holding employees accountable and optimizing productivity

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