Certified Safety Professional
Posted March 11, 2020
Company Name
A&J Custom Cabinets, Inc
Contact Person
Michelle La Rue
Number of Employees
[email protected]
Vancouver, WA 98661
Email Address
Web Address
Job Title
Certified Safety Professional
Job Responsibilities
1. Understand, interpret, and implement federal, state, and local regulations regarding the protection of faculty, staff, and visitors (OSHA, WA OSHA, USEPA, WAEPA, NFPA)
2. Plan, organize, develop and implement Occupational Safety and Health program elements.
3. Formulate recommendations for the continual evaluations of Occupational Safety and Health policies, programs, and procedures.
4. Perform hazard assessments for maintenance work in industrial shops, construction sites, warehouses, dwellings, offices, and other locations for physical, chemical, ergonomic, psychological, and biological hazards to promote compliance with local, state, and federal regulations, and company policies, programs, and procedures.
5. Report hazard assessment findings including risk and options for corrective actions to Building Maintenance as well as identify issues to shop managers, construction managers, facilities and operations managers, unit safety contacts, department heads, and Labor and Industries.
6. Provide ongoing support during corrective actions phase including re-evaluations, industrial hygiene monitoring, selection of appropriate control measures, liaison with appropriate vendors for product research, engineering design consultation and review, standard operating procedure development assistance and review, training, and other programmatic activities as necessary.
7. Assist with the assessment and prioritization of Health and Safety program needs for the Building Maintenance Department.
8. Assist with the development of goals, vision and strategic plans for Health and Safety for the Building Maintenance Department.
9. Serve as the program lead and competent person for Fall Protection for the Building Maintenance department.
10. Evaluate, develop and provide Health and Safety Training for Building Maintenance overall and for each shop individually.
11. Provide training and write Job Hazard Assessments for Building Maintenance overall and for each shop individually.
12. Review and investigate all injury occurrences providing a written report for each occurrence.
13. Follow up with Building Maintenance Supervision for all accidents, near misses and Workers Comp cases.
Facility Support
o Support the Mission, Vision, Values and Guiding Principles of Facilities & Services.
o Perform other duties as assigned by the General Manager and/or President.
o Pursue professional development activities to expand knowledge, maintain technical expertise and keep abreast of relevant Scientific and professional developments in occupational safety and health. Predict project risks and take the appropriate mitigating measures before they occur.
Education Requirements
Required Training, Licenses, or Certifications:
1. CSP, CIH, or other nationally recognized certification. Certification must be provided with resume/application.
Work Experience
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
1. OSHA Competent Person for Confined Spaces and Fall Protection.
2. Ability to work and communicate with a diverse workforce.
Job Requirements
Salary Range
$60,000-$90,000 DOE
Application Instructions
Please send a copy of your certification along with your resume to apply. The position has a two (2) year contract.
Contact Brian Ducey 206-812-3819 or [email protected] for more information.