Member Services

What are the services and benefits for SMART members?
As a SMART member firm, you can take advantage of many available benefits and services including:
  • The Puget Sound Area Safety Summit
  • Enrollment in the SMART Education Center
  • Retro program participation
  • Health care plan
  • 401(k) plan participation
  • Financial education and workshops
  • Bilingual translation and education
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Networking opportunities, including monthly meetings, annual golf tournament, and additional training
  • Committee involvement
  • Safety newsletters
  • Access to Resources w/link to e-forum, resource database, etc.
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      SMART Articles of Incorporation

"SMART plays a key role in our organization's training needs and uses professional industry resources to provide us with effective training, setting the tone by making safety a core value. Now that's SMART."

Ron Martinez
Pilchuck Contractors, Inc.