High Voltage Contact

Date: May 12, 2010

One of the most potentially hazardous electrical situations in industrial plants and on construction sites is accidental contact with high voltage overhead or underground wiring. Operators of equipment like: Backhoes, Dump trucks, Bucket trucks, Concrete pumpers, Booms and Cranes should be especially conscious of high voltage overhead wiring.The hazard of contact is also posed to workers on scaffolding or those handling or moving any type of long tools or equipment, like sections of metal pipe

Dennis Smedsrud, Safety & Health Director Puget Sound Energy

Dennis Smedsrud has logged numerous years of experience creating awareness to the public and Puget Sound Energy employees on the hazards of working with and around high voltage power lines. Dennis will show us not only what goes wrong but also how it can happen. Hear his presentation and take away the tools needed for proper safety protocol to prevent a catastrophe.

A special guest Jake, a high voltage accident survivor, will share his story to educate and prevent others from experiencing a near death tragedy. You won’t want to miss this personal appearance by Jake and his emotional film titled “I Hit the Wires: A Survivor’s Story”
In “I Hit the Wires” Jake and his wife describe the aftermath of his accident, showing us how his life and the lives of those around him were changed so suddenly.

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"The Safety Summit is a wonderful example of what can be achieved when employers, labor, and government work cooperatively to attain a common goal - in this case, the reduction of deaths and serious job-related injuries."

Richard Terrill
OSHA Region X