Personal Safety Training: Situational Awareness, Strategy, and Skills

Instructor: Larry Kaminer

Many of us have either heard of someone or have been accosted "out of the blue" and/or "without any warning". The reality is that crime is a planned process, requiring the presence of three basic elements in order to occur. There are also three identifiable stages in the build up to an actual attack. Study them and you will be better able to spot danger early and give yourself time to react and avoid trouble.

  • Learn specific techniques to increase awareness of your surroundings, especially that of the area immediately behind you (or, your "six o'clock").
  • What to do when approached or accosted by a stranger.
  • Specific strategies while in elevators, parking lots, traveling and staying in hotels.
  • Strategy for late closers in the retail, health care and hospitality businesses.
  • Learn a very limited number of intuitive yet effective defensive moves designed to fend off or extricate oneself from an attacker.

This training places great emphasis on role playing and simulating the various scenarios and safety protocols discussed in the classroom. Simulation exercises reinforce learning and retention.

This class is not currently scheduled.
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"Thanks in part to the SMART Education programs, Westcoast Painting has been able to lower mod rates and minimize work related injuries."

Laura Jones
Westcoast Painting, LLC