Supervisor Skills -201

Instructor: Diana Welch, SPHR

In this 2nd session of the 3 part series we will begin to cover the legal rights of both the employer and employee .
Additionally the focus will be to organize his/her department and employees, visualize future impacts and needs, energize the employees to get their tasks done and supervise their work, ensuring that the productivity and quality standards are met

•Understanding and Communicating employee and employer rights – company policy compliance, privacy, searches, monitoring computer use, drug and alcohol testing, employee files

•Dealing with discipline issues, including confidentiality and documentation

•Training and Employee development: job related knowledge, skills and abilities, behaviors and interpersonal relations

•Work and Wellbeing

•Performance Management; effective feedback, performance rating, goals, rewards, strengths and weaknesses, skills, quality, attitudes

•Employee Retention and Company Culture

•Role-modeling – Walking the Talk

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