Bilingual Construction Safety Phrasebook Training

Instructor: Margie Weinberg

Attend a FREE 1 hour presentation that offers insights into the growing construction Hispanic workforce, including language barriers, cultural differences & norms. We explore simple translation techniques and introduce the “El Chapp”Safety Phrase Book .

Copies of “El Chapp”are FREE with attendance at this FREE Classroom training.

The “El Chapp” English Spanish Handbook covers 12 areas of construction safety and health and offers bi-lingual phrases to communicate about risks, hazards and safer work habits. In addition the handbook opens with simple useful communication phases. Numerous photos throughout the chapters also assist in communication.

This class is not currently scheduled.
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"Thanks in part to the SMART Education programs, Westcoast Painting has been able to lower mod rates and minimize work related injuries."

Laura Jones
Westcoast Painting, LLC